Insulation and Radiant Barrier

Make Your Home More Efficient!

Heat flows from warm places to cooler spaces. In winter, hot air will try to flow to an unheated garage or attic. Alternately, in warm months, heat will attempt to flow from outside into the cool interior of the property

Insulation prevents this unwanted circulation throughout your home. Combined with adequate ventilation and radiant barrier, proper insulation helps your property stay at a comfortable, uniform temperature throughout the year with much less use of heating and cooling systems, which will save you on energy costs. In addition, insulation can act as a sound absorber, to help make your home quieter.

Radiant Barrier, when applied to the underside of your roof deck, will block up to 80% of the sun’s radiant heat from coming into your property through the attic. In the winter, the radiant barrier will reflect back up to 80% of the radiant heat that tries to escape from your home through the attic.

“My family has been able to return to the upstairs of our home since you have installed our radiant barrier. Before it was installed, my family had to sleep downstairs in the living room because it was just too hot upstairs. You did an amazing job, I’ll be recommending CM3 Construction Group to my friends and family.” -B. Leadbetter

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