What You Can Do.

You can do many things to minimize your anxiety over restoration projects you are currently undertaking or are thinking of beginning. Below you will find some tips for property owners that have been given to us by our clients over the years. We think you may find them helpful.

How it works
  • The lowest bid is not necessarily the best choice. Try to get an understanding from the contractors of why their bid is significantly lower or higher than the others. The reasons may change your selection decision.
  • You should be suspicious of any contractor who pressures you for a decision immediately, offers large discounts for a quick decision, offers a discount because they have materials left over from another job, offers a large discount for full or nearly full payment as a deposit, or want you to obtain the building permit.
  • There is no doubt that DIY can save you cash, but it could cost money that’s not in your budget if someone makes large errors. There always lies the possibility that you will need to find a professional to fix it, which will cost even more money. The reason experts in remodeling exist is so the job can be done properly. This is why construction companies concentrate on providing services that the untrained person is not capable of doing. If you must do a major project on your own, make sure you have done your research, planned accordingly and have an exit strategy in case the project gets too big for you to handle.
  • All project specifications, work schedule and payment terms should be written clearly in the contract.
  • The contractor should provide a certificate of insurance showing proof of insurance.
  • Define in writing, your project in as much detail as possible so that you will be able to let the prospective contractors know what you want and the things that are most important to you.
  • Do not pay for the job in advance. Be wary of any contractor who demands full payment up front or a large percentage of money down.
  • Do not give your business to a company offering to give you an estimate over the phone without ever looking at the job to be done.
  • Reliable contractors are professional. Their people are prompt and courteous. How a company treats you now reflects how they will treat you if there is a problem.
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